Africa's Gold Standard For Payment and Processing

CoralPay is the first choice in payments and payment-centric solutions in Nigeria and the West African sub-region

Do more for your business with CoralPay

Our wide range of services include :

  • Transaction switching
  • Acquiring
  • Payment Solutions Service Provider (PSSP)
  • Fraud Monitoring and Management
  • Value-Added Services
  • Third Party Processing
Overview Image
Overview Image

Small to medium-sized businesses

Our services are beneficial to Fintechs, Fashion Entrepreneurs, Entertainment Industry, Arts and Lifestyle, Hospitality, Retail (e-commerce giants, supermarket chains), Agro-processing, e.t.c

  • Easy fund transfers
  • Robust reporting
  • Open API
  • Payment Processing
  • Transactions without borders
  • Affiliations and partnerships

Large or enterprise level businesses

We offer a wide range of services to large organisations, multinationals, Banks, Pension services providers, Insurance, MFBs, manufacturing conglomerates, etc. Some of these services include:

  • Payment Processing
  • Vendor payments/collections
  • Premium Support
  • Direct Debit & Direct Credit
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What we offer

CoralPay offers a wide range of services to help you grow your business.

USSD Switching (C’Gate)

CoralPay’s complete Switching Services for global markets delivers seamless switching services between issuers and acquirers in Nigeria.

Biller Aggregation Platform

Our platform enables customers to pay their bills via Internet banking platforms, mobile banking apps, USSD, agency network locations, POS terminals and ATMs.

CoralPay Instant Payment

CIP enables instant money transfer between bank accounts and mobile money accounts/wallets from banks and operators integrated into our system.

Agency Banking

We facilitate agency banking transactions (Cash-in/Cash-out etc.) working with agent managers to enable their various customer consummate transactions using USSD and Cards. Our robust platform enables agents to seamlessly attend to their customers.


C’Splash is an account-based, online real-time product that facilitates payments from a single account to multiple accounts.

Card Processing

CoralPay offers online card payment processing for major card brands from both local and international issuers

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Download App

Reliable and Secure

No matter where you pay with C'Gate, our security is always the same; you can always rely on our secure infrastructure. We have a powerful fraud monitoring system that helps us keep our eyes on transactions 24/7, every traffic routing through our systems are heavily guarded with next-level encryption. Wherever and whenever you pay with any of CoralPay's services, your financial information is never shared with the vendor or any third-party, paying with C'Gate makes it even more confidential.

Our Partners

CoralPay’s partnerships are reflective of our dedication to providing service excellence to our clients.