Feature Category: products and Services

Card Processing

CoralPay offers online card payment processing for major card brands from both local and international issuers


C’Splash is an account-based, online real-time product that facilitates payments from a single account to multiple accounts.

Agency Banking

We facilitate agency banking transactions (Cash-in/Cash-out etc.) working with agent managers to enable their various customer consummate transactions using USSD and Cards. Our robust platform enables agents to seamlessly attend to their customers.

CoralPay Instant Payment

CIP enables instant money transfer between bank accounts and mobile money accounts/wallets from banks and operators integrated into our system.

Biller Aggregation Platform

Our platform enables customers to pay their bills via Internet banking platforms, mobile banking apps, USSD, agency network locations, POS terminals and ATMs.

USSD Switching (C’Gate)

CoralPay’s complete Switching Services for global markets delivers seamless switching services between issuers and acquirers in Nigeria.