Make payments easily
from your mobile phone
anywhere, anytime


C’Gate’s innovative payment solution has successfully incorporated the integration of Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) payments on Point of Sales, otherwise known as “USSD on POS” and on the e-commerce websites “USSD on Web”, allowing Bank and mobile money operator’s customers to use their respective short codes to pay for goods and services whilst addressing the challenges of ‘card not present transactions, safety, card network unavailability and reach, in the most unique, safe and convenient way, bridging the gap created by network and infrastructure limitations.

Collection Channels 

Transaction is done via mobile phone and merchants are able to print and keep copies of transaction receipt done via POS as it is presently obtainable in a card transaction.

  • Cashier selects C’Gate USSD on the POS
  • Cashier enters the amount the customer is paying
  • reference code is displayed on the POS 
  • Customer dials *Bank USSD code*000*Refcode# on his/her phone.
  • Details of the merchant will be displayed on the customer’s phone and customer confirms with his/her USSD pin.
  • Customer is debited and POS prints receipt.

Customers can perform transactions, pay for goods and services online without their debit cards.

  • Customer visits a merchant site and selects “Pay with USSD” at checkout.
  • A  reference code is displayed on the screen.
  • Customer dials *Bank USSD code*000*Refcode# on his/her phone.
  • Details of the merchant will be displayed on the customer’s phone and customer confirms with his/her USSD pin.
  • Customer is debited.

Customers can make card-less withdrawals from ATM terminals nationwide by simply dialling a short string from their registered phone number.

This channel allows businesses to integrate their chat bot into our payment system such that their customers can pay for services by dialling a short string.

Merchants are able to accept payments from customers and interested parties using a unique short code that is merchant specific.
After a payment is received, a notification is sent to the merchant confirming that a successful payment has been made by the customer, merchant is free to part with goods or render services.

Free-will giving, offerings , seed sowing, Tithes, and other donations can be made using a straight string dial.

Our infrastructure is very robust with capabilities to credit any form of operating wallet system or mobile money platform using the designated string.
This can also be achieved via a mobile application where customers can do a direct top up from their bank to the wallet.

Coralpay is licenced PSSP certified to collect revenue on behalf of the Nigerian Government and remit to the TSA (Treasury Single Account).