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The Payment Options That Will Keep Your Business Ahead

The Payment Options That Will Keep Your Business Ahead.

The Payment Options That Will Keep Your Business Ahead.

In today’s fast paced business clime, business establishments are faced with the challenge of keeping up with new ideas and solutions to ensure they always have the edge. Every business establishment is tasked with providing value directly or indirectly to the consumer. Businesses that can provide the most convenient, fast, secure, and dependable payment platforms for their clients are the ones that will remain favorites. CoralPay Technology Nigeria Limited has developed innovative payment solutions that any business or institution will need to remain ahead.

CoralPay’s Payment Solutions.

CoralPay Technology Nigeria Limited is a Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) approved switching company, a licensed Payments Solution Service Provider (PSSP) and Payments Terminal Service Provider (PTSP) and a non-bank acquirer. CoralPay is NDPR compliant and a PCIDSS /ISO 270001 certified company. This puts CoralPay in a vantage position to build firsthand payment solutions and offer them directly to businesses or consumers, thereby reducing inherent delays and glitches from thirds parties while maximizing profit for merchants. Below are the various Payment options offered by CoralPay that your business can choose from.

  1. C’Gate USSD
  2. Card Processing
  3. C’Splash
  4. Pay with Bank Transfer
  5. NQR
  6. PayLink

C’Gate USSD.

C’Gate USSD is CoralPay’s innovative, cardless payment solution that uses the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) technology. C’Gate USSD payment option is crucial for merchants as an alternative to cash or card payment because it eliminates the risk and cost of cash handling and works when payment with card is not possible. C,Gate USSD can be used on the following channels:

  • POS
  • Web
  • Chatbots
  • USSD menu driven solutions

C’Gate USSD can also be used for Merchant collections, Charity donations, Religious Bodies collections, Wallet funding, Gaming and Lottery, Government collections etc.

C’Gate USSD on POS.

C’Gate USSD transactions are done on mobile devices that have GSM connectivity.

This is how C’Gate USSD works on POS terminals.

  • At the payment point, cashier selects C’Gate USSD on the POS.
  • Cashier enters the amount the customer is paying.
  • A reference code is displayed on the POS.
  • Customer dials *Bank USSD code*000*Refcode# on his/her phone.
  • Details of the merchant and transaction amount are displayed on the customer’s phone for confirmation.
  • The customer inputs his/her Bank’s USSD Pin.
  • The transaction is authorized, customer is debited, and the POS prints 2 copies of the transaction receipt as obtainable in card transactions

C’Gate USSD on Web.

With C’Gate USSD on Web, merchants can receive payments online from customers who do not have cards or are unable to pay with card due to various reasons, for example, the unavailability of the central switch.

  • Customer visits a merchant site and selects “Pay with USSD” at checkout.
  • Customer selects preferred bank, and a concatenated code is displayed on the screen for the customer to dial.
  • Customer dials the code, *Bank USSD code*000*Refcode# on his/her phone.
  • Details of the merchant is displayed on the customer’s phone and customer confirms with his/her USSD pin.
  • Transaction is authorized, the customer is debited, and the merchant receives value.

C’Gate USSD on Chatbot

This channel allows businesses to integrate their chatbot into CoralPay’s payment system such that their customers can pay for services by dialing a short string. After concluding on the administrative interaction with the Bot

Straight String Dial

Merchants without physical terminals can accept payments from customers and interested parties using a unique short code that is merchant specific. After a payment is received, a notification is sent to the merchant confirming that a successful payment has been made by the customer. The straight string dial solution is particularly useful for Charity donations, Religious organizations, Gaming and Lottery businesses, Wallet funding and Government collections.

Card Processing

CoralPay offers card payments processing for Visa, MasterCard, and Verve. Card payments are the most popular means of payments for products and services today. According to Statista 2021 Consumer Payment Study in Nigeria, 62% of respondents prefer paying with a card. This means that Cards are the most popular means of E-payments yet.


Businesses and Institutions can pay workers’ salaries or carry out multiple payments to various recipients at once using C’Splash. C’Splash is an account-based, online real-time product that facilitates payments from a single account to multiple accounts within the same or other banks. This facility enables clients perform inter/intra bank transfers all in one session. It ensures instant credit of payments into accounts of beneficiaries which is customizable to validate names before payment is executed. C’Splash drastically reduces the time and bottlenecks encountered while making multiple payments to various destination accounts.

Pay with Bank Transfer

To ensure that customers and businesses are protected, CoralPay has incorporated a solution called Pay with Bank Transfer which ensures that best practices are observed while making payments through bank transfers. Merchants generate a unique dynamic Nuban account number which the customer pays into with internet banking,USSD or mobile app. CoralPay updates the merchant real-time on status of transfer, and the merchant responds to the customer accordingly.


CoralPay has also incorporated NQR as a means for businesses to receive payments. With NQR, customers can scan a QR code on merchant’s check out page, the customer is debited, and the merchant is credited. NQR can be used in places of worship or event locations to facilitate collections and ticket payments.


PayLink is another groundbreaking solution by CoralPay which empowers social media merchants and other online merchants without a website to take advantage of CoralPay’s Payment Gateway by generating a payment link which is made available to the customer to enable them make payment to the merchant. With PayLink, merchants will not need to worry about forged credit alerts, while offering the customer a variety of payment channels to ease payments.

CoralPay Payment Gateway (C’Gate)

As a business owner striving for excellence, imagine the power of having all these payment solutions at your disposal in one place! Yes! It is called the CoralPay Payment Gateway. CoralPay Payment Gateway enables merchants to offer customers their preferred payment option. The payment options available on C’Gate include:

  • Cards
  • USSD
  • Pay With Bank Transfer
  • QR


Today, most big players in the payment sector of Nigeria’s Fintech space have adopted a product or two from CoralPay to offer on their Payment Gateways, with the most popular solution being the C’Gate USSD solution. This points to the significance of the solution which CoralPay has provided in the industry. Having the best products and services to offer your clients without providing them with the best payment methods will adversely affect your business and revenue. As a business owner, manager of establishment or Institution, CoralPay has the payment options your business needs to keep it ahead.